Aerial Imagery.

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I can provide you with a range of professional drone services. With more than 20 years of manned aviation supporting my work and now in my 8th year of operating a drone I have both the experience and the ideas to provide you with the imagery you need to achieve effective results.

If you have concerns over roofs or objects at height then I’m able to provide shots that show the detail you require to allow a professional assessment of the situation, in many cases high resolution images will negate the need for a cherry-picker and lower the H&S risks.

I’m able to provide you or your estate agent with high resolution images that capture the beauty of your property.  Show your potential buyer the whole picture.

Do you need an establishing shot for your project? do you need to show the relationship between spaces. Aerial footage is able to provide the quality coverage that your project needs.  The “drone shot” is no longer a novelty, it’s become a valuable tool in the filmmakers arsenal as it helps you to tell your story.

Do you need to create maps which can be posted around a holiday campsite as well as being printed out. I’m able to create scalable images which look epic at any size whether they fit on an A3 sheet or are printed at A0 size.

Do you need to calculate the volume of an object or earth bank? I can use the drone to create a “point cloud” which then allows us to make the calculations as well as create objects to be created in 3D.


If you need a BIG image that provides a breath-taking aerial perspective I’m able to stitch images together to show a truly vast area. The image above is generated from around 27 images  and shows Tehidy Park Golf Club and the North Cornish coastline, from St Ives just visible on the far left via Godrevy to St Agnes Beacon, on the far right . The image itself is over 13,000 pixels wide.


My name is Simon Willson, I’m based in Truro and while I normally operate across Devon and Cornwall I’m more than happy to travel.

As an examiner for a Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) ie a ‘Drone school’, I have links with many professional drone operators across the UK and may be able to provide contact numbers depending on your requirement.

+44 (0)7968 525547